A Short Meditation On Presales


From participating in and following along with others participating in the Verified Fan pre-sales today, it’s safe to say that they were something of a mixed bag or, in other words, they were pretty much like any other pre-sale for Tori tickets!

This one had the added level of disappointment for those who registered but were not selected to receive a code but otherwise, all the usual characteristics were there: a selection of seats from throughout the entire venue (as opposed to just the best seats), ticket churn making it appear that the presale had sold out quickly, a few hiccups with links and ticket vendors, and a healthy dose of confusion. On top of that, the fact that a large number of seats are already being listed on the resale market, it doesn’t seem that the chief goal ot this presale method – ensuring tickets end up in the hands of fans rather than scalpers and touts – was achieved. So while more than a few folks seemed fairly happy with the seats they ended up with (us included!), it’s not clear that the extra layer was as effective as it was touted as. Over time, this approach should improve but with anyone able to register with just a valid Ticketmaster account, the back-and-forth between ticket sellers and ticket scalpers is going to keep on going…

Regardless, a second round of presales are taking place on Thursday for nearly all shows. They’re all listed on the show pages in Tour. Most of these are either Live Nation or Spotify presales but there are a few radio station presales as well. Live Nation presales are open to anyone who has a registered Live Nation account or uses the Live Nation phone app. The Spotify presaes appear to be available through the concert links on Spotify’s Tori Amos artist page which will require a Spotify account to access. As for any local media presales, if we find the details on them, we’ll pass them along. Keep an eye on our Twitter (or over on the left sidebar of Undented) as we’ll post updates on them there (as well as in Tour).

Vinyl And Deluxe Editions Confirmed


Buried in the tour announcement yesterday, beneath all the hoopla about the Verified Fan pre-sales, were some additional details about the formats of Native Invader. None of this seems to have been mentioned on ToriAmos.com or official social media channels yet but embedded in the press release that many venues used on their listings for the performances is the following (emphasis ours):

Tori Amos is one of the most successful, prolific and influential artists of her generation. Native Invader is Tori’s fifteenth studio album, following 2014’s Unrepentant Geraldines – her eighth Billboard Top 10 album — and will be made availble in various physical and digital configuarions, as well as vinyl later this fall. The physical CD package will be available in standard as well as deluxe offerings; the latter includes a hardcover book and two bonus tracks. Native Invader’s evocative album cover art was unveiled over Tori’s social media platforms on July 6th.

So, as one might have guessed, there will be a deluxe edition of the album with bonus tracks. No word yet about whether there will be bonus tracks for specific retailers though. And, gotta say, that hardcover book sounds intriguing!

Also nice to see that a vinyl release is coming! Yay! however, given the recent completion of the album and the longer wait time for manufacturing and pressing vinyl, it won’t be available on the September 8th release date. Boo! Additionally, it’s not yet clear if the vinyl will have regular and/or deluxe editions.

Tour Dates! Ticket Sale Info! Oh My!


Update: The splash page on ToriAmos.com has been updated with the date for the North American leg of the tour and ticket information, including pre-sale and general sale information. We’re a little stacked so here’s a quick’n‘dirty cut’n‘paste. We’ll get the tour dates added to the Tour section later today.

Update: All dates have been added to the Tour section!

We have some amazing news regarding tickets for the Native Invader North American Tour. We are working with Ticketmaster who have a great new presale platform called “Verified Fan” which separates human fans like you from the scalpers and bots and giving you a better chance at getting tickets to the show. Once you register, the system randomly picks a select number of verified fans who will get a one-time use only code to get tickets.

Registration Begins: on 7/10 at 9:00 AM PT and closes on 7/11 at 2:00 PM PT

(Step 1)

GET VERIFIED: https://toriamos.tmverifiedfan.com/

(Step 2)

IF VERIFIED AND RANDOMLY SELECTED, you’ll receive a one- time use offer code to access tickets. you’ll receive two text messages: your purchase link and timing followed by your single use offer code. Keep your phone handy — your notification will arrive 2-4 hours before the presale. Please also watch your email, if they have any issues with text delivery, such as an incorrectly entered number or blocked carriers — they will email you your details prior to the presale. The presale begins promptly on Wednesday 7/12 10AM (venue local).

FOR THOSE NOT RANDOMLY SELECTED: General On-Sale for the tour is Friday 7/14 at 10:00 AM LOCAL


October 24 O’Shaughnessy Auditorium Saint Paul, MN
October 26 Orpheum Theater Madison, WI
October 27 The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL
October 29 State Theater at Playhouse Square Cleveland, OH
October 30 Massey Hall Toronto, ON
October 31 Michigan Theater Ann Arbor, MI
November 2 The Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA
November 3 MGM National Harbor Washington, DC
November 4 Tower Theater Philadelphia, PA
November 7 Beacon Theatre New York, NY
November 8 Beacon Theatre New York, NY
November 10 Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta, GA
November 11 Durham Performing Arts Center Durham, NC
November 12 The Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN
November 14 Mahalia Jackson Theatre New Orleans, LA
November 16 The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory Dallas, TX
November 17 ACL Live at The Moody Theater Austin, TX
November 19 The Paramount Theatre Denver, CO
November 22 Schnitzer Hall Portland, OR
November 24 The Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA
November 25 The Hult Center for Performing Arts Eugene, OR
November 26 The Paramount Theater Oakland, CA
November 28 The Balboa Theatre San Diego, CA
November 29 The Mesa Arts Center (MAC) Phoenix, AZ
December 1 The Theatre at Ace Hotel Los Angeles, CA
December 2 The Theatre at Ace Hotel Los Angeles, CA
December 3 The Theatre at Ace Hotel Los Angeles, CA

Don’t forget: as was tweeted and facebooked and instagrammed at the end of last week, there will be an announcement today on Facebook. We presume it will about the album and North American dates for the tour but we’re willing to be wrong. The whole thing goes down at 9:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Central / 12:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM BST (check that link for your local time).

Tori Shares Native Invader Cover Artwork


Over the past few days, several unconfirmed tour dates have popped up on ticketing sites, radio station websites, and local music blogs. And just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared leading us to think we have a little longer wait until the full set of dates on the North American leg of the upcoming tour are announced — presumably with a flourish and a fog machine coughing out a puff or two of smoke!

Given that, it came as no little surprise when, sans fanfare, the cover artwork for the new album just appeared on Tori’s Instagram this morning! As mentioned there, the artist is Paulina Otylie Surys and you can check out more of her work on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In the meantime, bask in the glow!

Update: Just went up on Tori’s Twitter and Facebook that there will be an announcement on Facebook Live on Monday, July 10th at 9:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM GMT. Presumably, this will be the long-awaited dates for the North American leg of the tour supporting Native Invader…or maybe some tips for selecting the best, affordable red wines? Guess we’ll see!